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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  March 14, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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watching. one of our. though every year. cz u u will will will will the eye the soccer cat nearby time out to joe other top story that the confirmed friday the fourteenth of march. wall street nineteen dead in august on. i'd give it
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the stuff about some of this i might note is a united nations i don't like what's that what's up with it yet well for all the details. it is nineteen feet above given two separate attacks on american forces and focus on a friday and keep them updated and thirty five others were injured in a box provincial capital quick to official said most of the victim of passengers on board the bus. the target however they said but added that even though the false abbas moments before. in another incident of a suicide attacker nineteenth mckinnon pretty well this was injured in the shop but in all this in high that the plant while province police said the bulb himself up near the police vehicles stationed at the petrol pump. notice the response of other people
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find them on the attack so far. want to go before elections in india but ago carvings have been losing that list of candidates joining the veteran politicians are acting as a good as an insult that the cones opposite of an adjustment that god has the circle. the musical edition is having a tough time finding candidates to stand in this election opinion polls indicate it was featured on the police to some party members have decided to stick to this contest please join us on nine hits. this is close to twenty two he's the candidate list that features some tainted politicians despite having back and allegations of golf in its two terms in office. all attending the midst of follicle mind but instead led to design and the cabinet for links to al qaeda the scandal is one such candidate then he added. to
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me it's come this is also time to inject new blood into the contest and move away from it in the scuffle on to your career politicians. when on figures but they did get to experience such as ticket to moma cares. well i acted out of the software tycoon and the new bikini. i am on the doorstep isn't even the congress. i love the county formed under the eu article on an anti corruption act on his own two newcomers on its midst the parties called for the stinking money and connotations for dc have nothing new to offer the main opposition party the democrat party life has many experienced on the distance on its list but it's facing intended to stand on but the doors candidates would stand. a bid to be there from this ancient indian town of vitamin c is imparted he helped lead to the king to seek the party's candidate steve in canada getting a mortgage. bjp had
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one to miss two more to fight the election from you the next town. so as to project him as a parent can be done. snl is his accent and he said i was in a new ten am to seven c pillars and huddled in shona in dc not the ideas i agree that the cost and ease of an anesthetic ask a second look audibly now be sent south i need to keep that in some quality kitchen sink says adults it was a kid. that may be dismissed this as relations exercise to try and discredit mr morgan's canteen with him in weeks. with any one month as the fall colors candidates will have to get to work immediately in that constitute lindsay is to convince bodice that they intend to bring down prices and tight skirt option than to issue is that could dominate the elections of twenty protein. and by all accounts an opinion on it still is the response he faces a head of the dt challenge on these issues smith of the crash site asia news nine in new delhi the songs minority shi'ite
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community ask all of the strict action against those promoting sectarian violence in the country the ongoing united nations human rights council un hrc meeting in geneva. line the cx race from palm sunday includes fashion community over the issue of sixteen and he just whines in august on one side and open to beat me activists said the minority you with a force to drop out of quantities due to the futile attacks. today the house not a status but not to go to make it worse is an audited because the athlete that they would be updated to have been anti hunting update on the bus to the community gets a b or c of acting outside the interstate and even the guests have not been for half of the pencil they have also been out sick and his big house to get to goth singles to ten hopelessness in the same. it is that at a distance that acknowledge a few footy he said. thinking
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bout achievement daunting to what education building kabbalah to weaken i'm moving forward. the first thing is all to protect human life john reid said the situation has not been addressed with fraud and corn on the civic society. ensuring eighteen to one lane on a t troops in the country. the second of the park is funny in a party ticket and get into top twenty in civil society should just come right into force the government to change its policy today and took two two two b bitty kitty against terrorism and to protect all the innovative jazz and i think when our teams including the bizarre that she has met with the subtlety of the other religious minorities that we opted to arkansas. maybe this week and i didn't mean she actually sat on my naughty teas all focused on victims often need to standardize them. what is happening is that this is the reason was to suspend a student and think about it on the table isn't getting the dots on the hindus and christians one of these somewhat out of the security forces of
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pockets on to what he is visited his head had acted as ever. and this needs to be labour had at the police and sent his letter to convey that. she asked him abt that makes up nearly eighteen percent focused on the main pt meaningful condition as maggie been contacted by sunni extremists who want to fight them. she up. this sentence i think it didn't come under attack by fixing the post box. although some of the developments now that i'm sending out all the pomp of the moore county as to their mates and croft manufactured a boy he is reaping the benefits of the seventeen the number of domestic pets. bling is aimed at intermediate advanced and spiced it was dying fudged it encapsulates full plane full of big donors stocking from guitars the needy. this is the gate leading to the american manufacturers judged on the ongoing in aviation show in twenty seven had about twenty five twenty twenty the company is on saying negotiations with state owned air india and
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pakistan the urgent care this party supply of seventy seven max gets even log in with pfizer for a minute. and this forty two aircraft would fold one four billion dollars and is a great thing that india has taken the fuzz customer into my mouth through the floor to other customers and a loft with a seventy seven when the knights orders in the future the aviation scene dominated by the low cost that is struggling to be either. most of the credit that is still operating on dos it's not that of dictation steam by indian and i've more customized i don't think she'll deal with as many a shia and sing up on and i love getting ready to enter the union stocks. in a bid to tap into this team's bid for the one disease in southern il plus kenyans have denounced the sofa summit seeing that this comes up to seventy five percent on the spat. the sawdust on the list of countries the gene that citizens of
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boston a us study has shown the findings of raising concerns of avoiding the religious intolerance in the country the shins fourteen people into capital punishment and nineteen of the essence of life sentences and it's quite the leash and aspen hill the us commission on international religious freedom of government advice he added that studied the abuse of blasphemy laws across the boy said in its report discrimination goes up assisted in for a minute since my naughty teeth into inky honest christians in the knees and hindu was the report said many of these cases have been found found the key to detail. destiny is a highly sensitive issue and focused on a country then ninety seven percent of the hunting eighteen million population on most things according to the foxton prosecution. the finding that the guy is funny to think that life imprisonment and the key to the maths against prophet muhammad. caddies
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that it's been empty the white man is aware of the exuberance of owning it has been bonded and to provoke a topping of defense for the big festival. how does one need not getting caught fire after independence shop keep asking me not into the attacking the excitement of the upcoming jen and addictions. many said what did i think god is the top gun he on the wimmera these types think that's what it means to seize it. this tiny little sign that even the top before we hang up clothes that message was titled i do italians do with what you will in the top of this is his duty and a lot about his kingdom on a lot the place he ate his body of the study of origin to the family. and i don't know i've done so we didn't get to sweeten its reply to this day was at its
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peak it not been taking as many showed discipline pupils in peacetime and stephen and it won't be too close to us and maths. city of patna is by thinking that when you can dance and festivities the piece of iconic ice cream and it seems that the adoption of gardens or treating. many of the fun just be the blog on since depicting his test that teaches interview with the management. the first thing to do this and what doesn't and he comes down to feed them. it's only the clothes. rather like the spread of aids. the hands of things in the temple. well he's going to be the unique and off we picked up at the station didn't miss it it's called the east intervention capitan screen at each end of the cut as the default song i'm gonna spend much gusto. it's the only daughter thing. when mormons aren't even be making charting his tie and mcneill said that johnson all kinds
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of interpretations of this nation said none. twenty months the end of winter season on the gospel and the armenian i'm pretty much won five minus twenty seven when i made the night before the festival. the next one even see antioch a document that credits. the two different teams this year falls on my sixteenth and students team suffered its second growling. what happens when the phone and all but the brawl to come look at how things can come and pick out the box office to speak the lizzie kate. the postage on one of the girls the young and dedications and then i dint of mankind season might be noble but galveston blossoming into the screened in the book with him and giving mr been used on superman dependent on top science month and unto him coughing. the old one didn't have a coffee shop and light
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the night and saw the thing that is the best and give you the coupon at some coffee and doing comics us from this time. twenty nine yen or savings bank bill was amended to him in tonight. it was done in the community the point. monkey. he was in the she was on two thousand and ten assists for this and you've been dying to conduct an assassin and the country and gets a slice of light my job is to believe. i need to add on to some fun having them use morse and the entertainment capital who was on to four cars including the fastest times now and bought me a box and she connected with the idealistic act. i'm new to knitting that got stuck in this movie. this is of a
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coastal episodic it this is the one guy can i be all you see that no one not only that but nothing like me and i love that. i mean that the semester. i did on the mount them on thinking this morning anna bond them i am one of the cabin has been leaked inside from the salt is due to the economy and countdown and the chance to get a new insult to me. they did. i miss the meantime the main adjust to the plant sites too full to defend and sometimes they even have enough pathos of appeasing my dustbin for the impact of fun to say that. fourteen so he edits month and bring happiness to his doctor the kids. a month celebration this evening before we can put it all so nice once again allstate ninety days in
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arkansas. i have is the stuff of dimes on what this song remind all that is a united nations. it's wants the us box office with difficulty about fall into the light so that they should miss a dog makes me have a great weekend to buy. i am the eye i was
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street. what are you in the inning. chilling portrait fourth street. sadly the reception staff that was u n h h projects going. they never ask a book. it will grow. sharing. folks here a couple shoot straight at you you cannot make out what we want to for expanded to other and all deceit is that it's time to decrease it and its concepts and also to have the energy produced as close to the client as possible. on to lunch and we are and preparing and who would be doing. she looks european energy projects on the other hand we needs. the stench of ice smaller energy sources in
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horror and yes the other course adopted during the year. he has held that evening it got squashed by forty nine after his chopsticks. not only in that it is ten years ago. what a wealth of the last ten years to settle for some folks may need to take a nine month high in the states to pay but the cake can sometimes take nine to ten months the bbb to speed up payments small changes to housing as well. having ended on monday the very beginning when the defense. take the next tee. i think it's funny look at it especially that separates the bottom of us had to kick back. cold cold the most stupid fight to
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the funds can be used in a more transparent and flexible way the boss. at the expense of fish i could pay for two thousand and ten at st michael got people almost exclusively bursting of bed to get it said treat patients extra reps all to see what but isn't this a therapy session as the acidity is key to life than eighteen thousand patients some patients such as clement called ticket to the hospital several months off of the entry and i get the full treatment is received with a very big difference in taste back to the new batch of cookie. it was into the program. blessed us with a mentor and programs designed to try to help doctors nurses and office this is what is going like that but the strange stuff the korea strait the pdp the hospital a couple times it is just healthcare they head to the lost legacy nobody does it get the wood you just next door to the hospital as the korean protection accorded to fight back in two thousand and ten
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jointly funded by bridget koreans americans is designed to educate students in a variety of occasions including vehicle with copics structured and well kept coming and that tricks like to compute overpass and decrepit. he tends not to spare. two million total what goes on. it was. bill hall. in order to get it over the children. the char us ait study life expectancy increase from forty to sixty two. and is there del freak when she was in nelson schools had just held on to the top of the stylist on the entry and knew what to order whispers top of their institutions the focus on improving education and healthcare. stochastic or a boss but some textbook which
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helped the country which works towards the future they seem to get things done that last for three to five years to protect against all the different strains of flu around the world including possible and it looks like this one. the artifacts pharmaceuticals exploded next to the blacksmith institute of science in which israel has developed just such a universal flu vaccine flu vaccines till now can target only a few strings of pirates so each year scientists must try to predict the strains that will appear in the upcoming winter season the buyer of its savings every year to all who looted from the front is that not since the fall accidents in which dates from itunes this
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week bring about then again if this means that we could all be down to sixty seventy s so that we didn't use it to turn this into clean. totally sterile environment the technician is preparing the back seats that will soon be used in the first clinical trials in humans. utilities hospital. i've been getting from what they. i think that would be exactly. then the participants' blood samples will be brought back to display any antibodies in it tested. the body's chemical retired from playing the lead of the virus if they do. oh and my pride. even though the effect is perfect but will the vaccine be affected. against the notorious deviants flu swine flu. director kylie little did they the wife norma and from our region. we selected the kaplan said that when he said oh so but it's quite the footy give the fray they hope to read the official council would you say a kind of battle. of course the only way to know for sure is to expose the blood samples from
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the clinical trials to the actual flu virus is right here in the sling it over him and for all we do not have it the landfill but we're hoping to get in there for the study would think you read this this field and when should it. any response that the piece i have used their site they have been a day. i think. david looked into it between work and how we would be fine. it was even a success with them. that's all that's left to plant some seeds tools and gets out that it can open it the kitchen and a gift. you're expecting i still have the chicken choking the remote region of south east will retain the cia. it's five. it's not enough house chief of the dutch cheese to melt
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the children of the cross state lines. thank you. she is now dependent on the weekly supply of corn soy and a reach a nutritious fruit mix the sugar and oil from the local nutrition santa to feed the children the same town. i mean it's sad to see an influx of non irish children when they usually happy cases. already becoming a martini has launched an action scene national plan any decisions quickly add this to be enforced in its response. and make sure the needed supplies during nights. the challenge remains preaching to a remote and often isolated areas discussed that stops the pumpkin and pecan tree the doctor tomorrow. next he'll put the best or a bbq people are desperate for someone to show the typical population to reach because they're completely isolated the coverage of health and sports. this is interesting it is a region that is to be
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sacked because of security so all of that makes popular stupid difficult to access it off with a package of services that respond to their circumstances. at a time when katrina hit the city in spain aquaculture health nutrition stats. it is part of a joint initiative by police during a season in kenya said the parents of a child. the government and at what he thinks he owns the last three years. it is successfully reach some might just need to come. a package on the tokyo touches down and bought coffee from africa achieved overnight thousand feet it was in france. smart cars manufactured in europe i spotted cruising the streets of age the ever increasing speed communication transportation and technology. all neighbors in this interconnected world that is facing challenges from isis justice of virus can spread so panic prices from one country to the next
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saving the world. no one deceive you. on top of finance agenda is the world's economic health the challenges remain. there is hope. international cooperation and partnership and the right mix of economic policy to create the opportunity the sharks education and investment in the future. shanley of age each contributing to help with the whole. in the world also on the wet and meets the network's da door. as you knew you when you want to win
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the eye. i know. shh got to take participation rates quickly. it's that time and for such success. what spiritual retreats deviate market. this is me. sweet and thoughtful like that. but the system. and this trip and each will go was telstra with ninety percent with the text of what i did. for the next book i had. looks pretty good
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what is he did all of this look it up instantly. eye it literally at bay the bicycles. as the sofa to leave the wood frame and then tumbled to cover up of bowls was very intriguing and that sweet souls thought that it too so the cover will be aboard the station. since listing in building its one hundred percent recycled the five senses. it's cheap combine those with material costs can be urban environmental projects. this can be to get kids to school in africa. then of course. we hope to do less. seasonal solutions to play it seasonal changes means that they should include the names and ages job to cut across its automotive students work
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on equipment from a local plant life career and employment training these days is to encounter and agreed to a deepak a recipient of a deep respect and show educational stripping project olympics the project which aims to produce skilled graduates especially for low income families. the country's growing industries partnerships between companies and vocational schools are encouraged students can be placed into before becoming full time employees. the city on sunday that its identity. you can activate it and see not that the district of north eastern state of many plea bargain even the big media. hundreds of feet from fox and eighty as a baby to queue outside the site for treatment. counts except head on any
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given day since i moved to the good sense of the hominid been making this a good piece on north avenue. doctors up on some guy thinks idc predicted that they don't give in. that was organized with another patient a good aussie couple in front insomnia by the dentist what sort of hinted that can then be put into keeping on basic rights. so enough said that easy since i can't seven iits. the medicine its descriptions of necessity information on issues like the might of combating it. on the twenty twelve proper support and committing to child survival from this review was launched. it examines global trends in child mortality noting rapid progress in reducing child death. data released by the u s interagency group or child mortality estimation shows that globally the number of deaths for children under five fell from nearly twelve million in nineteen ninety two an estimated six point nine million in twenty eleven the saints in the world. also
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on the head and makes the network's top four. you would you you will eye. khan welcome back. also it gets tedious displayed eleventh hour that was in russia's president firmly insist next sunday's crimea independence referendum. he is perfectly legal. here's just a warning of sanctions against moscow and in recognizing the next sunday's vote would be tantamount to talk back door succeed. and the search that mystical malaysian airlines jet widens further authorities holding in a trailer behind


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